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Chamonix Wine Farm

Steeped in history and boasting some of the highest planted vineyards in the Cape, Chamonix is set amongst 300 hectares of pristine natural beauty on the Eastern slopes of the Franschhoek mountains.

About Chamonix

Cape Chamonix Wine Farm once formed part of the historic Huguenot Estate, La Cotte, which dates back to 1688.

Today, Chamonix is known for its wonderful setting and abundant facilities, as well as award-winning wines and spirits, and pure Spring Water.

What Makes us Different

Since being acquired by German-born entrepreneur and adventurer Chris Hellinger two decades ago, the estate has undergone tremendous improvements, and offers visitors a host of culinary and recreational options in spectacular surroundings.

From the secluded Forest Lodge overlooking scenic Franschhoek Valley to the renowned Racine restaurant, from our diverse wedding facilities to the wide array of fine wines, spirits and other delights on offer, everything we do at Chamonix is done with love, passion and an unwavering attention to detail.

Nestled right next to the Chamonix estate is our very own private game reserve, an oasis of wildlife a little over an hour’s drive from the city of Cape Town.

About Chamonix Game Farm

Set over 50 hectares, our game farm has been developed as a wildlife reserve by Chamonix proprietor and nature enthusiast Mr Chris Hellinger. While the reserve is not open to the public, guests staying in the Safari Lodge and our lodges near the lake are able to view a variety of game including ostrich, zebra, eland, bontebok and springbok.

Experience a unique African experience in the heart of the Cape Winelands, with a premium Wine Tasting of some of Chamonix’s best wines from within the vineyards where they are planted and grown, followed by a Game Drive showcasing Chamonix’s magnificent wildlife. Whether in conjunction with the Franschhoek Wine Tram, or while visiting the farm, it’s the ideal addition to a fantastic day out in Franschhoek.

Chamonix is looking forward to your visit!

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