Traditional South African food restaurant opens in Franschhoek

Our visit to beleef. restaurant in Franschhoek

We had the honor to attend the opening of the all new beleef restaurant in Franschhoek. beleef is directly translated to EXPERIENCE.

Herman Tau Steyn is the owner and chef of the fantastic traditional restaurant.

Herman’s passion for traditional South African food was born out of these, his childhood memories which almost all involved food. From ouma and oupa to mom and dad and remembering the first time he made an egg when he was  just six years old.

Making Franschhoek his home in 2009 and being executive chef of the Traumerei group, Herman fell in love with the quaint village and dreamed of owning his own restaurant here. After a stint on a game farm in the Free State, he returned to Franschhoek in 2015 where Café Franschhoek with Leo and Ilsje de Beer became his home for the next few years. Herman looks back at the experience with fond memories and still names  Café Franschhoek as his favourite spot for “coffee and brekkie in town.”

The name Beleef means “experience” in Dutch and Afrikaans and it is his vision of a genuine “oumas kitchen” that Herman wants to bring to life from his kitchen. Expect dishes like smoorsnoek, melktert, pampoenkoekies all with a unique twist and Herman’s signature surprises.

Strictly seasonal and “farm to fork” with unique South African hospitality at its very best!

Die lewe is ‘n pampoen koekie in kaneel! (Life is like a pumpkin fritter in cinnamon!)

The menu consists of the following:



Vegetable Ragu Dumplings; Mushroom Broth; Black Garlic; Hugenot Cheese; Pine Ring Biltong (V)
Smoorsnoek; “Atchar”; “Spekboom Chakalaka”; “Patat”
Venison Tartare; Local Quail Egg; Beetroot; Garlic; Herb Oil
“Boontjiesop”; “Kaings”; Bitterballen; Marrow; Farm Bread
Beef tongue; Malay pickle broth; winter veg; carrot


Winter Vegetable Garden, Red Bean Puree, Vinnagrette (V)
Cape Malay Fish Curry; Basmati; Rooti; Sambals
Beef; Celeriac Mash; Marrow Jus;”Pampoen Koekie”; Leeks
Pork Belly; Pork Popcorn; Carrot Mash; Onion Chutney; Smoked Apple
Chicken Rottolo; Chicken Ragu; Forest Mushrooms; Garden Veg; Chicken skin


Cape Brandy Pudding; “Naartjie” Ice-Cream; 5-Spiced Custard; Macadamia Brittle
Mint Macaroons; Textures of Ganache; Burnt “Ideal” Milk Ice-Cream; Salted Caramel; Coconut Crumble
“Melktert” Soufflè; Cardamon Ice-Cream; Stewed Fruit
Karoo Blue Mousse; Huguenot Crisp; Carrot Cake Coated Soft Cheese; Port Jelly; Gingerbread Man; Carrot & Ginger Jam



This is definitely a restaurant which you have you have to visit whilst your in Franschhoek!